Bike tune-ups and repairs done at your convenience:
Tune-ups :
True wheels, Clean and lube chain, Adjust brakes and gears, Replace parts as needed (except spokes)  - $30 - $40

Other :
Wheel building and spoke replacement, Assembly from box, Specific repairs  -  $25/Hr.

Note: I will either do the repairs at your place, or pick up the bike(s) and return to you in a timely fashion.

Electric bike conversions:
Buy an e-bike conversion kit from EBIKES.CA and I will do the conversion work for you, and also build you an ABS battery box - $175.00. I recommend PING BATTERY for battery purchases.

This bike has a 36V, 15 Amp battery from PING and a Nine Continents conversion kit from EBIKES.CA. It has a top speed of 38 km/hr and a range of approximately 45 kms.  Note that most of the kits from EBIKES.CA will give you an ebike that is fully programmable,  which  permits  you to trade power and speed for range.

$680 (conversion kit) + $690 ( battery,5A charger,shipping) + $175 ( labour,battery box)

Contact me here, or phone.

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