Westland Guards

Located in Surrey BC, our domain is the GVRD, and we  provide uniformed and licensed guards to protect property and people. We have been in business and busy with steady clients since 2011. Whether it's a special event, construction site, office complex, warehouse,  or other facility, Westland is here to help.

Our services include:

- Patrol guards: foot & vehicle 
- Plain clothes loss prevention
- Gate house and access control
- Concierge and valet
- Special events

We can provide digital video surveillance and / or a tour guard system. Competitive rates. References available.

** Our service can include a cleaning contract **

We are striving to meet the demand for quality people at
an economical cost. Our guards are uniformed and licensed, and we provide only the most able and experienced. We always provide prevention centered and customized service that meets your specific needs. 

Please contact  for rates, reservations, or further information.


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Retail theft is one of the most popular crimes that the courts deal with. Most retail theft is done by amateurs; however, there are also professionals who make a living doing nothing else. In 2001, retailers in the U.S. reported that shoplifting was costing the economy some twenty-five million dollars per day. Upon conviction, some courts have awarded retailers civil damages to pay for
their security . Many large retail stores employ loss prevention guards who patrol in plain clothes and keep an eye open for suspicious shoppers. These guards recover stolen merchandise, detain the thief for police, 
provide testimony in court, and file reports to record the incident.       TOP


Patrol guards protect in a wide range of situations. Some examples are construction sites, office buildings,  warehouses, schools,  industrial sites,  and shopping malls.  Not only are they night watchmen, they often work business hours too, and sometimes hold first aid or other certificates.  Their regular patrols  give them ample opportunity to discover and report  security, safety, and maintenance issues.  They assist visitors with escorts and information, and sign out keys and pass cards.  They enforce parking and other regulations, and prevent and document crime.      TOP


Many businesses, gated communities, high profile celebrities, and government organizations want to control who has access to their properties. The gate house is an important access control tool, and hiring a gate house security guard is an effective method of securing a site. These security guards will generally stop all vehicles and/or pedestrians before they are allowed entry. Different methods are used to determine whether individuals will be permitted to proceed. Security guards may consult visitors’ lists, check license plates, or request identification before they make a final decision. Inside the premises, additional security guards may be responsible for controlling access to areas containing dangerous goods or highly sensitive information.    TOP


Restaurants, bars, and hotels often offer valet parking to enhance their guests’ experience. At large events, valet parking is used to control traffic and use available parking space efficiently. Attendants greet guests, park vehicles in designated areas, and return guests’ cars when they leave the business or event. Concierge service is also offered by many organizations. It is an effective method to improve customer service, and is also a useful security measure. Concierge services are typically located in reception areas. Professionals are trained to be polite and welcoming to visitors. They perform a wide range of duties, including greeting people, answering phone calls, issuing passes, and escorting guests while they are in the building.     TOP


Security is an important consideration for many different types of events, including rock concerts, government functions, and celebrity parties. The level of security needed depends on the number of people that will be in attendance and the nature of the event. Security professionals offer numerous services at special events. They ensure only invited guests and members of the media are permitted entry, patrol outdoor areas, and make sure everyone gets out of the area safely after the event. At events like concerts, security guards often check bags and confiscate prohibited items. They may also escort disruptive or potentially dangerous individuals from the event premises.  TOP