cable transportation



  • Everyone will want one.
  • A very efficient system - clean, quiet,  safe, and effective.
  • How does an aerial system address the problems and cost of land acquisition?
  • The idea is not to replace everything with cable, but to apply cable where it will work well - and to offer a clean, efficient, and affordable alternative.
  • What would the world be like today had we started to integrate these systems 50 years ago?
  • Is it unimaginable for people to dress appropriately when they commute?
  • What impact would such  systems have on the quality of  human life?
  • Statistics Canada:  (Canada only) Over 17.5 million vehicles traveled an estimated 78.2 billion kilometers between Oct 1 and Dec 31 / 2000. What is the cost of these  vehicles?
  • How does the cost of stretching cables across a river compare to the cost of building a bridge?
  • Twenty kilometers of  light rail transit can easily cost a billion dollars.  One billion dollars will purchase two hundred thousand kilometers of  wire rope.
  • Could a cable system integrate well with automobile use and other public transit systems?
  • Transit for almost everyone - brake lever + an assortment of harnesses.
  • At the very least, why not a limited, but practical , network of pedestrian / zip line trails?
  • Imagine zip lines and roller blades - it's mind boggling.
  • Planes, trains, and automobiles. Is that it?
  • Why wait for the bus?
  • Global warming.
  • Air pollution.
  • Progress?